asitneverwas: (Hurry up or I'll leave you behind.)

No amount of joking will change this.

So I stopped.

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Name:Hamato, Michelangelo
Birthdate:May 1
Location:New York, New York, United States of America
Thirty years can do a lot to a person. It can make them. It can break them.

In my case? I'm not so sure what it's done.

Thirty years ago, Donatello disappeared. We thought he'd died... it became our undoing. His level head came into play far more than we could have ever realized.

Two years after Donatello disappeared, Master Splinter gave his life protecting us... and it was the breaking point for Raphael and Leonardo, who had one final brawl over it, ending with them both heading their separate ways.

I tried to hold everything together... but jokes and laughter die hard in a world that, almost over night, is destroyed by the Shredder.

Now... the world is bleak, but I fight on with whatever rebellion remains.

It may not be pretty.

But it's the way it is.

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